Great Mascaras by Benefit Cosmetics | Product Review

If you have never tried the mascaras by the makeup brand Benefit, I advise you to do it! When I first saw the Roller Lash and They’re Real! I was 100% sure that I am not gonna like them (yep, I am very sceptic about everyyyything! annoying, right?!) and the reason was the wands. I never used to like the plastic wands and always used to buy mascaras that have the old school ones (if you don’t know what I mean click here). What changed my mind is I actually tried them on and I absolutely loved the way my eyelashes looked! Something that I advise everybody is try the makeup! You never know until you try. 

Now I have to explain why I am reviewing the both of them together. The truth is that I actually use them together (You don’t have to do it, I will explain why I do that). My eyelashes are long but very thin, soft and straight! Even if I use good eyelash curler sometimes the mascara is too liquidy and straightens them again. If you have the same problem then you know what I mean.
The names of the mascaras are not random. Roller Lash curls and lifts the eyelashes. It also separates the lashes perfectly! Have a look at the wand, it’s the one on the left side. I believe these tiny bristles are doing the magic. πŸ™‚ However, even though it achieves great results, there is something you need know about this mascara – it isn’t very black and it doesn’t give volume and length. That’s the reason why I use They’re Real! mascara on top of it. Now, that my lashes are lifted, curled and separated all I need is a little bit thickening and elongation. By the way They’re Real! is long-lasting and doesn’t smudge or flake off during the day. I can guarantee you it will last all day. 

I have to apologise because when I took the pictures for this post the both mascaras were completely dry. You can get way better results with them. I’ve actually been asked “I like your eyelashes, are they real?” and “What mascara are you wearing?” soooo many times. Trust me on that, these two mascaras are really really good and when I say trust me I mean trust me to try them not to directly buy them. Have in mind that what works great for me might not be perfect for you. You know what I always say You Have to Try the Makeup! πŸ™‚ 

P.S. One more thing that I have to add, Roller Lash will last you probably couple of months while They’re Real finishes really quick (around 2 months). But there is an explanation for that – the ingredient that gives your eyelashes length and volume is called fibers. However, the mascaras that have a lot of fibers tend to dry quicker. Well, we can have it all, can we? 

Both mascaras cost 125 AED each at

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