Sally Nails | Product Review

Few months ago I went to Carrefour to do my weekly grocery shopping and to my surprise there was 50% off some beauty products. I spotted the Sally Hansen along the discounted items and decided to give them a try. Of course I couldn’t help but share my purchase on Instagram the same day lol and some of you left very positive comments about these two products, especially for the Xtreme Wear.

I first tried them together and was blown away from the result. They actually looked like gel nails! Xtreme Wear is very pigmented and once applied on the nails it feels very thick and strong. You don’t have to apply many layers, it’s possible to get even and saturated colour from only one application (I personally always prefer two layers though). The colour that I purchased is called Sun Kissed and looks exactly as on the picture above, the picture below is a little bit dark and the colours aren’t much accurate. However, there are couple of other things that I expect from a good nail polish – it should dry quick on the nails, the texture shouldn’t be too thick neither too liquidy, it should last at least a week on the nails and the product in the bottle shouldn’t get thicker too soon (sometimes I use a nail polish once and next time when I want to wear it the consistency is already too thick to use). It is safe to say Xtreme Wear meets all these expectations and have to add that even without a top coat it’s very shinny!

Now about the Gel Shine 3D Top Coat.. I understood why they picked exactly this name for it. It’s because the shine that it gives your nails is actually 3D and it does feel like a gel! I used it with other nail polishes by different brands to test it and it’s brilliant – shinny, strong and dries the nails quick. Oh, by the way not that is very important but love the design of the package – all silver. It’s definitely something different and it stands out on the shelves. Great job! 

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