Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick | Product Review

Last year at this time there were some small Christmas gift sets by different brands in Sephora and this was one of them. The price was good and I liked the colours of the lipsticks so I bought them. 

What I really liked straight away was the applicator! It is so easy to use and it gives you clean application. I actually didn’t use brush neither lipliner for the swatches (only for the Berry I defined the lips with concealer). The texture is nice and thick but some of you might find it a bit liquidy. I personally would wear it on top of lipstick or lipliner just because I prefer thicker lipsticks. There are plenty colours to choose from and in my opinion they are all great! My favourite from these four is the Berry but honestly speaking I wear all of them. 🙂 

Not to forget to mention that there is the Melted Collection and there is the Melted Metal Collection. You can see what is the difference between them on the picture below. Honestly speaking metallic lipstick is not something I would normally buy but I don’t regret doing it now when I see the pictures I really like the way they kinda highlight my lips and make them look bigger. 

If you ask me if they are long-lasting I would say I think only the dark ones (like the Berry) are. I didn’t noticed the lighter colours to last long, which I believe is the only cons I can find. 

Hope that was helpful xx Lots of love!

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