How to Give Your Hair Volume Quickly?

Who else is struggling with lack of hair volume? 
I have mentioned before here that my hair is very fine which is the reason why I always struggle to achieve some volume. Even if I style and tease it properly only after few hours it will be flat again. So annoying! 

I discovered this thickening spray by Bumble and Bumble last time when I was in London. I actually went to Boots to buy something else and I wasn’t looking for hair products at all lol. All of the sudden a lady with great hair came to me and asked me if I want to try something from Bumble and Bumble. Usually, I don’t enjoy when the sales ladies try products on me for couple of reasons but she was very nice and I was curious to see if the brand worth the hype.

After a quick chit chat about their products and what I want to achieve, I sat down on the chair and she started to lift my hair and spray the roots. I have to admit I was blown away from the result. I had so much volume only after couple of minutes effortless styling and there was no teasing involved! It was really funny when my friend who was with me there looked at me and said that she has never seen me with better hair since she knows me. 😀

However, the three of use agreed that the next test is to see how long it will last because I have tried many great products that unfortunately achieve only temporary results but you are probably guessing that wasn’t the case. It actually lasted the whole day and the next day. 

The only con about it is the price, it costs £20/90AED and it finishes super quick! I used mine only couple of times when I to found out the bottle is empty (that was the reason why I couldn’t post Before and After picture). I believe they should either drop the price a little bit or increase the quantity. Anyway, it’s a great product and I would definitely definitely buy it again. 

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