Jar of Hope! | Product Review

I just finished this moisturiser but before to bin it I wanted to quickly review it for you. It is actually one of the best, if not the best night moisturiser I’ve used but I feel that this brand is a little bit underestimated. Before it was available in Sephora Middle East but they said it wasn’t going well and that’s why the brand was removed from the shelves. I was very disappointed to hear that because I have tried couple of their products and they are quite good. 

There are few things that I like about this moisturiser. One of them is the name – Hope in a Jar, what a great name for a skincare product! The other thing is the texture which is very rich but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and in the morning your skin feels smooth, soft and moisturised. However, because of its thick texture I think it’s best to use it only in the winter. I used to have the Hope in a Jar daily moisturiser which has very light texture and can be used in the other seasons as well. I actually used the both products at the same time and my skin looked great but I finished the daily one earlier. I guess when the texture is light you tent to use larger amount. 

About the price, it costs 50$ / AED 184 / £40 (OUCH!). It is expensive but the good news is that around Christmas they always have some nice gift sets on great price and if you are patient enough to wait for the Christmas sales you can get it even cheaper.

Hope that was helpful xx 

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