Drugstore Makeup Brush Cleanser | Product Review

I recently tried new instant brush cleanser, I mean new to me, not on the market and I wanted to share with you my experience. I have heard a lot about this cleanser, but when I was last time in London I completely forgot to pick one. My sister in law visited us in Dubai and I asked her to bring me one. I was surprised to see that it cleans the brushes quickly and very well. The name of the brand is B. and it can be purchased from Superdrug in England, I am not sure if you will be able to find it in Dubai. 

I just wanted to add something – few weeks ago I posted a picture of the MUFE cleanser in Instagram saying that it’s my favourite brush cleanser. If I have to compare the both products I have to say that indeed the MUFE one is better, for example I think that the B. one didn’t clean my lipstick brush very well, while the MUFE cleaned it completely. But if we look at the price – the MUFE one is way more expensive. It costs around £20 (100AED) or more, while the product from B. is only £5 (around 25AED). 

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