The Blackest Pencil Eyeliner | Product Review

Guys, have you ever used the Perversion Pencil Eyeliner by Urban Decay?

It’s the blackest pencil eyeliner I have ever used! You can have a look at the picture below where I compare few pencil eyeliners and see the difference. In my opinion the one that is similar to Perversion is the Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner. It is very dark and has almost the same texture but it’s slightly cheaper. If you want I can compare them all in a separate post, I just didn’t want to do it here because I want to keep the posts short.

Perversion is very soft as well which makes the application quite easy. I personally love to use it as base for smokey eyes. I like to apply it very close to the upper and lower lash line, then to smudge it and set it with black or grey eyeshadows. This pencil is actually my all time favourite eyeliner for smudging because of its soft texture. However you need to be careful because it’s long-lasting and it dries very very quick, so if you want to smudge it you will have to do it straight after the application and then you can continue with the other eye. 

If you live in the Gulf Countries you can purchase the brand’s products from any Sephora store or from the Urban Decay store in City Walk 2. The pencil costs around 100 AED. 

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