Long-lasting & Matte Lipstick by Sephora | Product Review

The other day I went to the mall and I was wearing this lipstick. In one of the stores the sales lady complimented it (I’m not gonna lie I love it when people compliment my makeup lol) and asked me about it. You should’ve seen her face when I said it’s by Sephora, she looked so surprised because she thought it’s from the expensive brands. “It’s by Sephora the brand? Seriously?”.

 By the way I am not wearing lipliner and the picture wasn't edited; that's the real colour of the lipstick :)
By the way I am not wearing lipliner and the picture wasn’t edited; that’s the real colour of the lipstick 🙂

Actually this lipstick is an absolute best seller! I’ve told you before that I used to work in Sephora and believe me we used to sell thousands of these lipstick. It’s available in three textures – sheer, matte and semi-matte. I am personally not a huge fan of the sheer and very matte lipsticks, I love lipsticks that feel creamy on the lips with matte finish and of course long-lasting because I don’t have all day to fix my makeup lol. This lipstick is all that! The colours are very pretty and you are spoilt from choice. Mine is semi-matte #21, I believe it’s raspberry colour. 

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