Makeup Tips for Long-Lasting Eyeshadows

What is eye primer and how to use it? 
If you’ve tried to apply powder eyeshadows without priming the eyelids first, then you probably know that the result isn’t great. There are couple of ways to prime them – with concealer, eye pencil, eyeshadow primer, cream eyeshadows or even with foundation (just be careful because the foundation tends to crease a lot). It’s completely up to you which one of them you want to use, they all work great. Have in mind that some non waterproof products have to be set with tiny amount of face powder before applying the eyeshadows to prevent creasing. However, if the products is waterproof or long-lasting, you don’t need to do that but they dry in seconds which means that you have to be very quick with the eyeshadow application. Don’t worry it’s sounds more complicated than it actually is. πŸ™‚ 

If you are a beginner or you are in a hurry it’s best to use an eyeshadow primer. It’s very easy to use! You only have to apply it on your eyelids with fingers or with brush and then you can go over it with the powder eyeshadows. I have been using this one by Urban Decay for couple of years now and it works great for me every time. My eye makeup lasts all day and doesn’t crease at all! Even if you touch your eyes by mistake during the day you won’t mess up your makeup and don’t worry you can easily remove it with any makeup remover whenever you want to. I am a bit ill today so I could’t take pictures of my eyes but you can have a look at the picture below and see the difference with and without the Urban Decay eye primer. Not to forget to mention that it’s transparent and it doesn’t change the colour of the eyeshadows. 

Hope that was helpful xx πŸ™‚

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