Latest Obsession: Pinky Goat False Lashes

If you live in Dubai then you’ve probably seen the lash brand Pinky Coat in the drugstores. I’ve been seeing it here and there and eventually decided to give them a try. The pair that I picked is called “MAI” and costs around 40 AED. The lashes are glamorous but not too dramatic and I personally wear them during the day as well. First thing first, I would like to say that they look absolutely gorgeous! I am really sorry for the bad picture, it’s taken with iPhone that’s why it’s such a terrible quality but you can still see how good they look on my eyes – just the perfect length and thickness.
The other thing that I really like about them is how lightweight they are, you literally don’t feel them on your eyes. They also last very long! Believe it or not on this picture I think this is the 4th times wearing them and yet they haven’t fallen apart and most probably I can wear them one more time. The picture below is taken after the 3th application, I only cleaned the mascara and put them in the box for the picture. Don’t you think that they look like brand new? I actually went on their page just now and read that they guarantee you can wear them up to three times and I though finally a brand that says the truth and it doesn’t exaggerate like other brands, which claim that their eye lashes last up to 10 times and more, when we all know that’s quite impossible.

Over all, I am very happy with my purchase and I am looking forward to try more if their lashes. The prices are very fair and the quality is good. They’re definitely good value foe the money. If you interested in giving them a try, you can find the brand in Wojooh and Layal store and also online at

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