This Foundation Costs AED 400, £57, $97 but is it Worth the Price?

Parure Gold by Guerlain is a very luxurious foundation which can literally break your bank account lol The prices that I wrote in the headline are from Sephora UAE, from the British department store and from the American Sephora As you can see it’s a bit more expensive in the UAE (like everything else lol we’re used with it) in comparison with England and the States, but we can all agree that it’s very expensive product anyway. In this post I will share with you my experience with the foundation and if I think it’s worth the mind-blowing price tag.

When I worked in Sephora in Dubai few years ago we used to have different trainings by the brands almost every week. The idea is that the better you know the products, the better you will sell them and I agree 100%. In one of the trainings for the luxurious brand Guerlain I remember us talking about the Parure Gold foundation and the lady told us that it was inspired by the glow of the gold and as far as I understood it contains gold pigments, which diffract light to enhance radiance and to minimise the signs of ageing and fatigue. One thing that you need to know about Guerlain is that they are literally the best in creating products for radiance and healthy glow. Now after I have been using the foundation for few years I can tell you that the trainers words were the truth. I don’t know if you can see from the picture above but the foundation gives an amazing natural glow, it just make your skin look very very healthy. The texture is creamy and it has medium coverage but in my opinion it’s buildable, which means that you can apply few layers of it if you want some extra coverage. Last but not least, I love the scent of the foundation! It’s simply a pleasure for me to blend it on my skin while smelling the perfume.

Overall, I absolutely love it! It makes my skin look very flawless, dewy and glowy and it makes me feel like a golden girl or a celebrity lol One thing that I have to mention is that the liquid one isn’t suitable for very oily skin, not that it will look greasy on your skin, you will just have to retouch it after few hours. By the way, it comes in compact powder as well, which might be better for the oily skin. xx Hope that was helpful.

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