Cover all Flaws Easily with This Famous Foundation

Last week I posted on Instagram picture of few foundations that I’m currently using and I asked if you want me to review any of them. There were few comments for Double Wear foundation by Estee Lauder and here’s my honest opinion about it plus some pictures and a short video. xx

I’ve always wanted to try Double Wear because I’ve heard a lot about it and I know that some ladies absolutely love it. The reason why I didn’t want to buy it is because I am not huge fan of the full coverage foundations. They are usually very heavy and look like a mask on the face,┬ánot to mention that sometimes are difficult to blend too. This one I received as a gift, which also explains why it’s slightly darker for me lol.
The first thing that I noticed when I touched the texture’s that it’s quite thick! You have to blend it super quickly because otherwise it will look patchy. Once I applied it with the beauty blender and after that I had to remove it and reapply it again with a brush because it looked horrible. So far I think the best way to apply this foundation is with a buffing brush like the one by Zoeva that I am using in the video below. There’s one thing I have to admit though it covers very well and it looks natural in comparison with other full coverage foundations. Have a look at the picture below, all the pimples and scars on my cheek are covered completely and by the way these pictures aren’t edited at all. It also lasts whole day and you don’t need to use much powder to set it because it’s a bit powdery in my opinion.

However, as I said already it’s very thick and heavy, probably the heavies foundation I’ve ever used. I believe that it’s great only for ladies that suffer from severe acne and want to cover everything only with foundation without adding concealer here and there. I personally wouldn’t buy it for myself, not because it’s not good, it’s a brilliant foundation but because I simply prefer foundations with light or medium coverage.

Hope that was helpful xx

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