Why Did I Buy 2 pcs of Colossal Big Shot Mascara?

When it comes to mascaras I’ve always been using expensive ones, simply because I was never pleased with the results of those from the drugstore. The problem is that my eyelashes are quite long but they don’t have absolutely no volume and I know from experience that unfortunately the affordable mascaras aren’t great with volume.

However, as a beauty blogger and a makeup artist who is sick of spending too much on mascaras every month, I was determined to find great mascara on affordable price. I tried few others by Maybelline but when it comes to volume the Colossal Big Shot is hands down my favourite so far. That’s the reason why I actually ran back to the store to bought another piece for my makeup kit. The brush is good size, not too big or too small, actually I don’t mind small brushes, I just absolutely hate massive applicators. I mean how are you supposed to apply the product when the brush is bigger then your eye? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But anyway, as I said I like the size of this one and I have no problem with the application. It also gives you volume straight away, so there’s no need to apply hundreds of layers. The good thing about is that it dries quickly on the eyes and you can use lash curler after you’ve applied it.

P.S. Earlier this year I reviewed another mascara by Maybelline which is quite good too. Click on the picture to read the post if you want.

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