How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Using Drugstore Concealer!

Happy Sunday, beautiful ladies xx

Today’s subject is dark circles and puffy eyes again (lol it looks like it’s my favourite subject, isn’t it? That was sarcasm btw!) If you read my blog often or if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably already heard me complaining about the dark circles and the bags that I have under my eyes. Now I am so used with people always asking me if I am sick whenever they see me without makeup and I can already guess what they gonna say next – “Do you get enough sleep? Have you seen doctor for this?”. Yes! I do sleep enough, sometimes even more then enough lol and I’ve actually spoken with few doctors about it but let me tell you something… They didn’t help much!

What causes dark circles and puffy eyes? Well.. it can be ageing and/or unhealthy lifestyle – too much salt in the food, smoking, lack of sleep or water, processed food, pollution and others. Or they might be hereditary (like mine) and if that is the case then nothing really helps. Eye creams, masks, treatments, home remedies, you name it, I have tried it all. Some things can reduce them a little bit and it’s definitely worth treating them but you have to be aware that unfortunately the result is only temporary. However, I will share with you the home remedies that I do in another post.

Now, let’s get back to the makeup! 🙂
So, I already wrote few posts about how to cover your dark circles, but in the video I am using the Creamy Radiant Concealer by NARS which is quite expensive and I felt like I want to show you that you can achieve great results with a Drugstore concealer too. In the picture below I’ve used the famous Age Rewind Eraser by Maybelline and you can see the massive difference for yourself! Of course I have applied orange corrector first but still the concealer has pretty good coverage. It’s very long lasting, it doesn’t smudge, it looks natural and the best part is the price – it costs only AED59/$10/£8 (price may vary). I have to say that I absolutely love the Creamy Concealer by NARS but it is almost three times more expensive than this one. The NARS concealer costs AED159 at and if I have to be honest with you – you get the same result with both! The only tiny difference between them is that the texture of the Creamy Concealer is slightly more thicker and it has just a little bit more coverage. If I have to compare the package, I do prefer the NARS applicator but let me say it again – the NARS concealer is three times more expensive then the Maybelline one!

Overall, if you are looking for a good drugstore concealer I think that you should definitely give this one a try! Watch my video ‘How to Cover Dark Circles Under the Eyes’ below this text and click here if you want to read my review about the Creamy Concealer by NARS, in the same post I also give couple of tips on how to find the right concealer for you.

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