How to Get Rid of Acne?

Hello, hello xx lovely ladies! I hope you are having a lovely day 🙂
Today, I want to talk about this great product by Mario Badescu, which I bought only a month ago but I already know that I am gonna repurchase it again and again.

If you know me or if you follow my blog then you have probably noticed that I suffer from acne (yeah, hate it so much). Having pimples literally all the time is the reason why I constantly hunt the market for good acne products and honestly speaking there aren’t many good treatments out there. Mario Badescu is an American skincare brand established in 1967 but I only discovered it few years ago when we were on a family vacation in Singapore. At that time I didn’t know much about it and the only product that I got was The Drying Lotion, which turned out to be one of my best purchases ever. This year when I was repurchasing the lotion online I decided to try some more products by Mr. Mario and after reading bunch of comments and reviews the Special Cleansing Lotion was added to my bag.

The first thing that I have to tell you is that only for a month I literally used half of it! You are supposed to apply it in the morning and in the evening but it feels great on the skin so sometimes I use it more then two times a day. I believe that the lotion cleanse the skin, prevent pimples and it helps to get rid of the existing ones and it does all that without leaving the annoying dry feeling. It actually leaves my skin very clean and refreshed. Unfortunately, the brand isn’t available in Dubai (or at least I coudn’t find it) and I had to order it online from The price in my opinion is very reasonable, it costs only £ 14 / AED 66.

By the way I wrote a review about the Drying Lotion as well, you simply have to click here or on the picture to read it xx

P.S. I would like to add that nothing is magical and it won’t get rid of your acne completely. Very ofter the pimples are related with hormonal problems, poor diet or even an allergy. Visiting a doctor before treating the acne at home is a must.

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