This Mascara by Dior is the Best Mascara I’ve Ever Used!

Few months ago Dior launched a new mascara for volume and shortly after the product hit the stores it was sold out. I kept asking here and there until I finally found it in Sephora Dubai Mall and Oh.. My.. God.. it was totally worth looking for it.

I never usually get very excited over a mascara and probably that’s because I have too high expectations. I want it to give my lashes volume, length, to be super super super black, very long-lasting but easy to remove at the end of the day and if it’s possible to be affordable because I have to buy mascara every 2, 3 months lol. But unfortunately you can’t have everything, can you. The Pump’n’Volume mascara is quite expensive, I believe I paid 150 AED for it (link here) but if you ask me is it worth the price I would say definitely yes. Have a look at the first picture below, my left eye has no mascara on and on the right eye I wear the Dior mascara. What a massive difference, isn’t it? The lashes are separated, there’s volume and I love how black and thick they are.

You know that the brush of a mascara is very important that’s why every time when I review a mascara I like to add a picture of the brush. This one is so easy to use, just the perfect size. Oh, yeah and I almost forgot to mention that the package is designed in a way to help you reach whatever product is left on the bottom of the tube. You can literally squeeze the tube and get the product on the brush. How cool is that!

 I filmed a tutorial for this look and the video is coming soon to my blog. Wearing the mascara here. I filmed a tutorial for this look and the video is coming soon to my blog. Wearing the mascara here.

One thing that I have to mention is that the texture is very thick (it’s nothing wrong with the product, all the mascaras for volume have thick textures) and in the beginning it might be hard for you to apply it. Here’s an advice from me for easier, mess-free application – simply take less product with the brush and build it up slowly. Take your time and don’t rush. 🙂

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