NAILSINC x Glamour Nail Polish Review

This nail polish was such a pleasant surprise to me! I actually got it for free when I bought a Glamour magazine in London when I used to live there three years ago and honestly I didn’t expect to be nice because you know that usually the free items that comes with a purchase are cheap and rubbish. Yeah, that’s right, this nail polish is three years old but it isn’t dry or anything like that. The texture isn’t thick (which usually happens after some time), it’s actually the perfect thickness for easy application. It also dries super quick on the nails. I always apply two layers nail polish and with some nail polishes I have to wait ages for them to dry, which I find annoying because come one, we all have stuff to do.. I can’t wait around all day for my nails to dry! 😀😉

The colour is sooooo me! I actually bought two magazines because I couldn’t decide between two colours, they were both very nice. However, that’s my first time trying the brand NAILSINC (link here) and so far I really like the quality. If I have a chance I will purchase some more of their nail polishes to see if they are as good as the ones from their collaboration with Glamour magazine.

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