Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Swatches and Review | Video

Ahhh, I’ve been planning to review these lip glosses for ages, so happy that I’m finally doing it now. I bought them about an year ago from Sephora in Mall of the Emirates and the only reason why I have 8 different colours is because they were all in a box together. The funny thing is that I actually went there to buy something else and I definitely didn’t need lip glosses at that moment but the price of the box was ridiculous (I can’t remember now but I think it was something like 400 AED and the regular price of 1 lipgloss is 100 AED + at that time I had 40% off discount) so I just had to do it!

I didn’t know then but it turned out that taking a picture of lip glosses isn’t an easy task. I really wanted to show you how glossy and pigmented they are but I think I didn’t manage to do it! Have a look at the picture above, I am not great with swatches lol but these’re the colours that I have. When I want something natural I use Metallic Rose, Sunset Strip or Glided. Sunset Strip is actually the one that I’m wearing on the first picture above and I am also holding it in my hand. The golden one (a.k.a Glided) was a surprise to me, when I purchased the products this one just looked odd to me but when you apply it on the lips it is very natural and pretty. The colour ‘Dainty’ is too light for me and it doesn’t suit me so I’ve never used it. I don’t know if you can notice from the picture but all of them besides Black Cherry, Socialite and Dainty are shimmery and before you ask me, yes that makes a difference on the lips.

I also filmed a short video which I shared in Facebook and Instagram to show you how they look on the lips. Overall, I think it was a great purchase! I love how glossy, long-lasting and pigmented they are and as you can see the colours are very pretty. The only thing that I didn’t like was the texture of the darker one – Black Cherry, it’s very pigmented but when you apply it on the lips it looks patchy so I feel like I have to apply more and more layers. I think especially this colour you have to wear it on top of a lipstick to avoid the patches.

The brand and this lip gloss is available in Sephora UAE (online and in the stores) –

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