Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray Review

If you follow my blog then you know how much I love this brand and the reason for that is simply because their products work! It all started when I spotted the brand in Sephora in Singapore and bought The Drying Lotion (review here) with no expectations. Soon after that I fell in love with it and was looking forward to try other products by the brand.

I was very excited to try this facial spray because I’ve seen it in so many makeup artists’ kits. Some of them use it to set the makeup and some spray it over the face just before the moisturiser to tone and prep the skin. I tried both ways, but I think I prefer to use it as a skincare. I actually first tried it over my makeup and I was quite disappointed because it was so sticky and it just didn’t feel good. After that I left it in my drawer for some time until one day I decided to use it as a toner and that’s when I really enjoyed the product. My skin felt refreshed, soft and toned and when I started using it daily I’ve noticed difference in my skin condition. Actually the aloe and the rose water are scientifically proven to be very beneficial for your skin. The rose water for example helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, reduces the redness of irritated skin and it also controls excess oil. While the aloe vera acts as a moisturiser, fights ageing and treats acne. (These are just some of the benefits of using them, you can find some more information in Google.)

I definitely recommend you to give this product a try, it’s indeed great and it’s worth the fame! As far as I know it can be used by all skin types but when I was in the makeup school we were told not to use toner on a dry skin, so if you have dry skin maybe try it first before buying it to see if it works for you.

P.S. I am not sure if it’s available in Dubai, I was looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere so I ordered my products from

Hope that was helpful. xx

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