Mask Monday | Oily Face No More!

Do you have combination to oily or oily skin type? Do you know there’re masks that help reduce the excess oil? You can make it yourself at home (I promise I will post some recipe for homemade masks) or you can buy one from any drugstore or department store. The last couple of years I’ve been using the Purifying & Mattifying Mask by Sephora the brand. It’s a very thick mud mask that leaves the skin clean, smooth and the most important it reduces the excess oil.

You’ve probably noticed that on the picture I’ve applied the mask only on certain areas instead of all over the face. That’s because only my T-zone is usually oily, while my cheeks are either normal or dry. My advice for you is apply the mask only on the areas where your skin gets oily, because the product is a bit aggressive and it might dehydrate your skin. I usually wait until it’s completely dry, which takes around 20 minutes and then I rinse it with warm water. I don’t do it very often, I believe once or twice a week (depending on how oily your skin is) is more than enough. The price of the product is 75 AED in Sephora Dubai (link here) but a little goes long way and you will probably use it for an year. By the way, I just saw that they’ve changed the packaging of the mask. Now it has white lid, instead of black lol but I’m pretty sure the product is the same, otherwise they would’ve mentioned it.

 The new packaging of the mask // Picture is from  The new packaging of the mask // Picture is from

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