Ultra HD Foundation by Make Up Forever | Product Review

Finally, I’m going to review the famous Ultra HD foundation! When someone tells me Make Up Forever, the first thing that comes to my mind is this foundation and I truly believe that it’s their best product ever and as far as I know it’s also a best seller! Before to start my review I need to explain what is the difference between the HD and the Ultra HD foundation to avoid confusing you. Couple of years ago the name of the product was HD foundation, which had medium coverage, thicker texture and of course an HD finish (High Definition meaning your skin looks great on pictures and not only). At the end of 2015 (I think it was in October) the brand launched Ultra HD and completely removed the old product from the shelves. The new product was promised to be even better then the previous one, more lightweight on the skin and of course highier definition. But did it meet our expectations?

I used the old HD foundation for an year before the upgrade and loved it! It covers my dark spots, it lasts all day and my skin looked airbrushed, so when they announced that the new one is coming I wasn’t happy because I knew there will be some changes. The Ultra HD is quite good, I have to admit it. I was actually at a training for the launching of the product, organised by Sephora and led by the founder of MUFE Dany Sanz (I promise I will write a post about it here soon) and that was the first time when I actually saw it and used it, but you all know that you have to use a product for quite some time to know if you like it or not.

The Ultra HD foundation is a great product and I’m sure that most of the makeup artists will agree with me. I have it in my professional makeup kit and I love it. Have a look at the first picture, I am wearing it there and how amazing does my skin look, very natural with a healthy glow. The best part of it is that you can’t even tell I’m wearing foundation, that’s how well the product blends into your skin. However, there’re few things that I need to mention. The foundation is suitable for all skin types but I personally wouldn’t recommend it to ladies with oily or combination to oily skin types, especially if you live in Dubai or in another warm country. It just gets too greasy after few hours on oily skin and you will need to retouch it or you will have to apply mattifying primer under it. It also doesn’t cover dark spots and very red pimples as much as the old HD foundation (I actually had to retouch few spots on the first picture because it failed to cover them). The good thing about the Ultra HD is that it’s buildable which means that even if you apply few layers it won’t look cake-y at all and that way you can still cover some flaws, but not everything. Overall, I think it’s a great foundation for normal and dry skin type, probably one of the best on the market. Plus it’s available in so many colours, literally there’s a colour for everybody and all of them are very natural and pretty. Also it can be used by combination or oily skin type but if you have skin full of pimples, scars and dark spots and you want to cover them with the foundation I don’t think this is the perfect product for you.

Hope that was helpful xx

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