Anastasia Beverly Hills: Best Eyebrow Products

I recently filmed an eyebrow tutorial (scroll down to watch it) and in the video I am using some of these products so I thought that it might be helpful to review them on my blog. Actually, I’ve been willing to talk about Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyebrow makeup for a very long time because they are honestly some of the best eyebrow products money can buy lol.

I will start with the famous Brow Wizz as it’s my all time favourite ❤️ I honestly think that it’s the best eyebrow pencil and I am not the only one who feels this way. The Brow Wizz is used by probably more than 50% of the celebrities makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario has shared many times how he feels her eyebrows and he always mentions this product. I personally love it simply because it does everything I want from an eyebrow pencil – it isn’t soft (I hate soft eyebrow pencils!), it’s very thin which allows you to draw thin lines that look like hair and that way your eyebrows look more natural. The colours are also great! (find the swatches for the shades that I have below) To me they look very natural, they blend really well with the eyebrows and I can always find colour for my clients, without having to blend 2, 3 products. Also on the other side of the pencil there’s a spoolie, which you can use to comb your eyebrows. Overall, as I said it’s a great product! The only thing that I don’t like about it is the price. The good news is that it lasts very long, so you don’t need to repurchase it every few months but hey, this is not the only product that we are using lol we need to buy other products too! Anyway, I recently found really good eyebrow pencil on more affordable price and I also wrote review about it, so if you’re interested click here to read about it.

My review for the Brow Powder Duo will be very short simple because I love everything about this product and I haven’t found better eyebrow powder yet. The texture is great and it looks very natural on the eyebrows, also the product is buildable which means that you can apply as many layers as you wish and it will still look good. The colours are exactly the same as the Brow Wizz which allows you to use them together and this is exactly what I do (have a look at the second picture below). I actually used them together in the tutorial as well and over there I also explain why I’m doing it and why each colour comes in lighter and darker shade (scroll down to watch it). If you have very thick eyebrows and you only want just a little bit product to define them then this powder duo is definitely what you need. However, if you don’t have much hair keep in mind that the powder won’t stick to the skin and in this case gel or pencil eyeliner will work better for you. I have to mention that I have the Pro Palette which contains all the colours but you can buy only your colour separately.

Dipbow is probably ABH’s BEST selling product. I feel like literally every one is using it or at least have heard of it. It’s actually only a gel and I can’t say that there aren’t other eyebrow gels in the stores, but I believe this was the first brow gel that blends very well, doesn’t look harsh if you put the right amount of it, lasts the whole day and once again the colours are great. I know that I talk about the colour of the products way too much, I am not saying that the rest is not important but believe me even the perfect product can be ruined if the colour is a disaster (like when they make the bronzers super orange-y or red, I mean.. come on, who will wear that!). However, there’s something about this gel that I have to mention – you have to use it very wisely lol and apply just very little amount, otherwise it looks very harsh! And when I am saying “a little bit” I mean your brush should be almost clean. To apply it I use the brush from the first picture, this is brush #12 by the same brand and it’s also excellent product. I use it for the eyebrow powder too, but you can see all that on the video below. P.S. Below there’s a Before and After picture. Don’t you agree that the Dipbrow looks very natural?

By the way I already have reviewed the tweezers that I’m using in the tutorial and they are by Anastasia Beverly Hills too. Click here or on the picture if you want to read the review.

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