Dark Circles: How to Cover (Best Way) | Video

Do you suffer from dark circles? Me too! But the good news is that I know how to cover them the right way without any creasing, dryness and heavy makeup. Scroll down to find out more!

Ahhhh, dark circles! I hate them from the bottom of my heart lol.
Every single time when people see me without makeup they always ask me if I had enough sleep or if I am sick or they will say ‘I haven’t noticed that darkness around your eyes before’. Let’s get something straight I always get enough sleep, Thank God I am not sick and usually you don’t see these dark circles because I simply know how to use makeup to cover them the right way.

 Unedited Picture Before & After Makeup by Me on Me; Unedited Picture Before & After Makeup by Me on Me;

Dark circles can be caused by many things but in my case they are hereditary. I had them since I was a kid and I will probably have them until the rest of my life. And before you hurry to suggest me some oil that “can get rid of my dark circles overnight”, I need to tell you that I’ve tried everything – eye creams, potato, almond oil, green tea etc, you name it lol Nothing really helps hereditary dark circles! Once I even asked my dermatologist if she can do anything about them and she just told me to use concealer because there isn’t much to be done. I don’t mind you recommending me products and treatments, I am just trying to explain that we’re talking about genes here. Not to mention that my skin in this area is so thin that I can even see my veins and I have a feeling that is another reason for the darkness too.

 Some of the products that I use to cover under eye dark circles; Some of the products that I use to cover under eye dark circles;

After I have tried every single eye cream and home remedy and realised that they can only slightly reduce the darkness, but can’t help me get rid of them completely, I decided that at least I need to learn how to cover them. As I said it the video that was about 10 years ago when I was beauty junkie but not a makeup artist yet. At that time the most logical things to do was to A) visit every single makeup store in my city and try all of their concealers lol and B) to google how to cover dark circles. If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes then you know how much information there’re on the Internet. There’re literally tons of videos, blogs, magazine articles and more, but the sad truth is that most of them aren’t helpful. Even I have seen many pictures which were edited! How silly is this! Some people actually gave themselves faux dark circles on Photoshop, which they named as Before and then they put the unedited picture as After! That’s what you call complete madness. Or the other editing which I’ve noticed here and there is people who blurred the dark circles on the After picture. All of that just so they can get more clicks on their page…

 Unedited Picture Before & After Makeup by Me; Unedited Picture Before & After Makeup by Me;

This is actually my second video for dark circles but I feel guilty because in the first one I didn’t explain anything. That’s why I wanted to do another tutorial where I give you more information and it’s easier to follow. It was very hard for me to find a way to cover my dark circles without any creasing, dryness or heavy makeup, something that will last all day and that is easy enough to be done daily. I put my soul, lots of love and time in it and I really hope that will be helpful for you. 💜 I will also try to review some of the products that I’m using in the video and I will add links here. So far I wrote review for the NARS concealer (here), but I promise the others will follow too. Share with me your stories in the comment below. Do you suffer from dark circles, did you find cure, how do you cover them?

I also filmed video about some of the best concealers for dark circles, which will help you understand what to look for when picking concealer and as well I show you few concealers that I’ve been using for years and they’re great! The video is below this text.

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  1. jimenezramirito4@gmail.com

    I am almost 38 years old. I never really cared or looked for anti-wrinkle, eye puffiness cream before but I needed to do SOMETHING about the bags, slightly dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes. I was thrilled to use dermalmd under eye serum for the first time. I noticed a difference right away. I only used it 4 times but really notice my face tightening and the puffiness under my eyes is much better. The serum is a light gel that smells light. I leave it on under my makeup. I wash my face with soap and warm water prior to applying. Dermalmd is so worth the price!!

    1. alzayat.nadia@gmail.com

      I haven’t heard of it before, but I am glad to hear it helped you. I will give it a try if I have a chance. 🙂

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