Cerave Moisturizer vs Cetaphil | Video

Since the end of January I’ve been using benzoyl peroxide to treat my acne and even though it helps a lot, it has some very annoying side effects like flakiness, dryness and redness. To deal with them I needed very good moisturiser preferably on affordable price because I knew that I have to use a lot of it.

Not only that I urgently needed something that moisturises deeply but it also had to be non-comedogenic (aka something that won’t clog my pores), fragrance-free and if it’s possible to have matte finish because I have combination skin (oily t-zone) and I don’t want to walk around with super greasy skin. As I said in the video, I checked the acne.org’s forum and literally everyone recommends either the CeraVe Moisturising Cream or the Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion. I first decided to buy the Cetaphil one, but my skin didn’t like it much so I went back to Boots and bought the Cerave moisturiser as well.

After using it for few months now I can definitely say that it’s one of the best face moisturizer for dry skin. Watch the video to find out why I like it so much and I also compare the both moisturisers which might help you decide which one you want to get for yourself. If you’re in the UK you can buy them from boots, in Dubai the Cetaphil brand is available in Boots and the CeraVe on amazon.ae.

Please note: Only because my skin didn’t like the Cetaphil moisturizer much that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good product. Everyone’s skin is different and no one can tell you how your skin will react to certain product or even a treatment. That’s why when it comes to makeup and especially skincare I always advice people to try first.

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